High Definition Dentistry® High Definition Dentistry®

High Definition Dentistry® can provide the ultimate solution to your smile problem so that in the years to come, your smile can continue to reflect your inner beauty.

Robert B. Gerber, DDS, FACD

High Definition Dentistry®

The ultimate fusion of the art and science of dentistry with high technology to create the beauty of a natural smile

Your smile says a lot about you.
It is, after all, the first thing most people look at when they meet you.

The ultimate fusion of the art and science of dentisty.

It creates a major part of the first impression you make. Either the color, shape, arrangement of your teeth, or the dark color of old fillings may make you self-conscious about your smile. With the approach used in High-Definition Dentistry®, we are able to evaluate your current condition and propose treatment solutions to correct your particular cosmetic problems.

A Detailed Facial Analysis & Evaluation

We start the process by gathering specific information by a detailed facial analysis, which includes a study of the size and shape of your teeth; dimensions and shape of your face and jaws; your occlusion; analysis of your smile line, which is formed by your lips; the shape, condition, and arrangement of your teeth; and the color of your teeth.

We evaluate the health of your gums, the position of the gingival margins, and the thickness of the gum tissues.

Creating a Three-Dimensional Model & A Detailed Treatment Plan

Then we gather objective clinical information using digital photography, intra-oral video photography, digital radiography (x-rays), fabrication of diagnostic casts of your teeth to study your occlusion, and any other special characteristics of your mouth.

Using the diagnostic casts, we can create a three-dimensional model of our projected treatment result. After a detailed treatment planning session to explain our suggested treatment recommendations, we can proceed with the necessary care.