Implant Restorations and Implantology

The benefits of dental implants are not just cosmetic. Dental implants can help maintain proper bite, gum health, and jaw bone mass and restoring functionality.

Implant Restorations and Implantology | Robert B. Gerber D.D.S.

When a tooth is missing or extracted from the arch, the bone mass will begin to atrophy due to lack of use. This process can be prevented with the placement of dental implants. Implant dentistry is composed of two steps: implant surgery and crown placement.

During the surgical portion of the procedure, a titanium root or base is placed in the jawbone, below the space where the tooth is missing. After three to six months, the new tooth crown is placed on the implant. Your new tooth is as strong and stable as a healthy natural tooth.

The dental implant stimulates bone cells during normal functions such as chewing, thereby preventing further degeneration of the jawbone. It is important to place the implant as soon as possible after tooth loss to prevent any significant atrophy from occurring.

We utilize the team approach in implant treatment planning in order to achieve the highest degree of success. In cooperation with our periodontist and oral surgeons a complete treatment plan is presented before implants are placed so that the most favorable results can be achieved.

Dental implants from our office yield incredible restorative results that far surpass those achieved with removable bridges, partials and dentures. Following the complete healing and integration of the implants we can expeditiously complete the restorative procedures.

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